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Project Name:  Central Park Trails
Project Purpose (Include city and state):  Cherokee is a small rural community located in Northwest Iowa (51012). Despite being a small community we have always attempted to remain viable and progressive in our vision for the future. The vision of our local City Council and the citizens of Cherokee are to develop a trail system throughout the community to benefit the physical health and wellbeing of all citizens. Long-term our vision is to connect to trails in nearby communities, which can provide a boost to our economy as seen in other communities that have developed trail systems. We have begun the process and continue with our fundraising efforts to develop the trails envisioned by these groups.

With the monies from this grant we would complete Phase One of our vision, completion of the Central Park Trail loop. The visibility of Central Park Trail, especially the trestle portion, will draw citizens and encourage walking/biking. This park and trail are near the Wellness Center and high school, one allows easy accessibility to additional physical activities and the latter would allow for an outdoor classroom setting promoting health of local students.

Many members of the Cherokee community participate in the Live Healthy Iowa Initiative. Completion of the additional trails will provide another avenue to promote a healthy lifestyle for all age groups.
City:  Cherokee
Project Location:  Cherokee, IA
Target population and how they will benefit:  All age groups in Cherokee and the surrounding communities can benefit from a trail system. The benefits would afford safe access to downtown, pools, grocery stores, schools, etc. In addition to addressing improved access, trails impact the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of these age groups. Long term, once a developed trail system is in place visitors can benefit from an established trail system.
Why your project deserves the funds:  Northwest Iowa is an area that is frequently void of funding for projects, whether it is the highway infrastructure, businesses, parks, trails and other such endeavors. Small communities often have to rally local citizens to fund these projects. The citizens and businesses of Cherokee have always been supportive of the various initiatives sought to move our community forward (libraries, satellite college, playground equipment and park shelters, aquatic centers, schools, etc.). The generosity of the citizens and businesses is wonderful, but the funds come from the same small pool of monies, which can burden those individuals/businesses. This past week, Cherokee received a devastating blow from the second largest employer, Tyson Foods, which announced it’s closing the end of September. The loss of 400 jobs in a small community will result in everyone tightening their belts. This means there will not be a willingness to assist in supporting extra projects due to the uncertainty of the local economy. As a result the community is in need of something positive to happen. Monies that work towards developing a trail system can benefit everyone; physically and emotionally, it can give them hope that we are still a viable community that can survive the recent news. Trails can be a vital link that can assist those that lost their jobs and their families a place to reflect and heal while working through the crisis that has occurred. Trails are free recreation, a necessary component for those struggling financially. The struggles that will occur will not just be those that were employed by Tyson, but also those impacted by the ripple effect that the loss of 400 jobs has on a small community. Additionally to attract new businesses to town, a community needs a variety of recreational activities. Individuals look to trails as one way of providing that recreation. As a result, receiving this money could be a beacon of hope that this community needs.
Project Timing:  The Trails Committee has three major Phases.

In Phase One, two of the major components have been completed. The third component of this Phase, for which these monies will be used, is to complete the Central Park Trail loop:
• Pave the current parking area at the north end of the trail to allow handicap accessibility and add a trail sign.
• Pour concrete approaches to the completed trestle bridge to connect it to sidewalks at either end.
• Pour 400’ of concrete on the north side of the Fareway parking lot to complete the Central Park loop.
• The project would begin in October 2014 finishing in late fall or spring 2015 if delays related

The two components of this phase that are completed include:
• The Rock Island Trail which connects the southeast section of town to the north entrance of the Spring Lake Park Trail. This has allowed children from that section of town access to the pool, library, schools, etc. without having to cross a major highway.
• The Roosevelt Trail created safe access to the elementary school and easy accessibility to the Wellness Center for all citizens.

Phase II:
• Connect the south entrance of the Spring Lake Park Trail to the south end of the Rock Island Trail to establish a loop which is not only attractive to walkers/bicyclists.
• Extend the Roosevelt Trail connecting it to the Hwy 59 Trail to develop a loop for walkers/bicyclists.

Phase III:
• In conjunction with the above projects, discussions will be held with landowners to acquire existing rail beds to connect the Central Park Trail and Mental Health Institute Trail.

The long-range vision is to connect our community with surrounding communities.

State:  Iowa
Organization Name:  Cherokee Trails System
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